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with a one on one interview with the president, asking the president question that are important to us here in the bay area. the live reports are coming up. >> regulatefjk say a san francisco lab where an employee kied of meningitis did not do enough to protect workers. he died last company. the -- april. the feds found three serious violations. he was not working in a safety enclo shurks ploimys were not trained to spot symptoms and the lab did not provide vaccine to workers exposed to the bacteria. regulators ordered the lab to comply with safety guidelines they cannot fine fat sill ti. >> a petaluma high school is warning it's student body of possible expo sthour a highly contagious bacteria. >> abc 7 news has more now. >> this is time to be honest with me. you know? did you do anything? >> there has been honest discussion was kids after hearing that a class mate was diagnosed.  do drugs but i'm like did you share a cigarette? a joint? beer? something? anything you won't want to tell me but you need to tell me, now, no, mom. >> her son kobt remember whether he'd taken a sip from a sod
public, he was murdered in november in his estate. he apparently suffocated from the dublgt tape used to tie him up. three men and another woman have been charged in the death, they're next expected to appear in court next month. >> palo alto is joining in on a national day of action against gun violence. participants want to pressure congress to expand background checks for gun buyers and joining east palo alto in the coming up at 5:00 we'll have a live report on the program and why organizers say buy backs can make a difference. >> police in las vegas are still not sure what confron thaigs led to the death of a 27-year-old from oakland. >> the aspiring rapper was killed in a car to car shooting yesterday, involved in some sort of dispute with the occupants of a black range rover that then chased his car up the las vegas strip. the car crashed into a taxi cab which then burst into flames, killing both people inside. a family member says he was trying to avoid a family life style he wasn't into violence, he got three kids. just had a new baby girl that we just celebrated do you know w
on this for us. >> one of the neighborhoods where a few peqz9% went wild. this neighborhood saw vandalism and recycling bins, set on fire this, time, police said they'll double the number of officers and none of that will be tolerated. in fact, the mayor of san franciscob6d and chiefs reportd an announcement asking people to keep things under control. and... today, the district attorney showed mug shots of 14 people arrested and already, prosecuted or being prosecuted for their role if the october disturbances. george gascone used pictures to warn people that there will be conseek qechbss if things get out of hand. >> this police department will be out there in force. i just want to make it very clear that our office and i will personally be, committing to prosecuting those who decide to go out there and hurt someone, or damage property. >> and the sheriff's department announcement will have officers at different locations to assist police and to help transport those arrested. many per chants here in the mission between 16th and 17th, especially restaurants will remain open hours after t
to get out and call us as soon as they possibly could and report the vehicle had been stolen and give us a description and that it was stolen by christopher dorner. our deputies man looking throughout the big bear area for that vehicle. and information was received there may be a vehicle similar in color and description southbound on highway 38. deputies continued to move into that direction and we saved call from the victim of the vehicle car jacked on glass road explaining to us his vehicle had been car jacked by christopher dorner. our deputy add rifed in that area found the vehicle, and the cabin. our deputy stopped in front of the cabin not knowing christopher dorner was inside. they were formulating a plan how to look for him, noticed shoe prints in the snow leading towards that cabin. before our deputies could finalize the plan they were ambushed by christopher dorner. he began firing at them and both fsers went down, responding officers arrived and actually went through a hail of gunfire to rescue two injured sheriffs. the s.w.a.t. team started to arrive at that location as they
this morning or remains of it. hail fell along grizzly peak boulevard. an 11-year-old sent us this picture, thank you. >> and for weather alerts check out our twitter feed. >> developing news. a baby from castroville that went missing has been found dead. the man she was last seen with is facing charges. the sheriff made that announcement saying the body of the 10-month-old angel was found. the baby was last seen a live february 2 when he picked her up at her grandmother's house, there are conflicting reports as to whether he is the child's father or mother's current boyfriend. >> police are asking for help solving this man's murder. he was shot and killed nine days ago. police say there is no apparent motive. the murder appears random. family and friends came together to remember anymore a ceremony with aztec dancers. investigators say he had no criminal record. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> more random violence in orange county. one crime spree ended with deaths of three people before the gunman took his own life. police say a 20-year-old shot a woman to death in
includes this 7-year-old photo of him with former police chief william bratton. the picture used in an lapd article about officer who's serve in the military. oakland city council agreed to hire bratton as a consultant for the police department. >> stay with abc 7 news for any breaking developments in this story. >> you can also follow us on twitter and we're updating breaking news on abc 7 news.com. you can get updates on the smart phone by down loading and opting for a push notification. >> vallejo police looking for two men who shot a family of three inside of their home this morning. police say the men were wearing hoods when kicking in the front door of a house on mcdougle street around 3:00 a.m. a brother, sister and mother were shot. after waking up to find the men inside of the home. police dmot have a detailted suspect description at this point. >> not sure why they were targeted but at this point we're treating it as a random attack. >> they don't look like rich people or people that would have a lot of money. they could have chose any house. i don't understand. >> the brother sis
.93. >> talking about gas and gegt around town as you look live at 880 interchange there in $clpmany of us spent time, too much time, stuck in the car in traffic. now, a study pin points our frustration autos it shows traffic just as bad as that in los angeles there. is only one other city where drivers have it worse than we do. >> yes. cornell bernard hashs@u story. >> we do have the worst commute, yes. >> mike knows it. bay area traffic can be brutal. even on a motorcycle. >> we went to new york to mabt manhattan. it's easier to drive in manhattan than in berkeley. >> a study confirms bay area drivers spend way too much times in cars commuting through epic traffic. >> you just have to take it into account anymore. when you're commuting you have to check traffic. >> after washington, d.c., bay area is now tied for second with l.a.. the worse commute in the nation that. means a lot of time sitting in traffic, last year alone, 61 hours were spent behind the wheel costing drivers more than 1200s ndz wasted time and gas. jamie wishes she can be productive when she's stuck in traffic. >> yes. just s
friday event. using it as a launch pad for healing. some are cleaning up, removing8ç graffiti. >> the yorn of telegraph first friday's street and arts festival brings a boost to business at his restaurant and beer garden. >> sales almost a week's worth our normal sales so without that event boy not have opened a business, here. >> it used to stretch for more than a dozen blocks. the shooting death of the high school senior after this month's event ended put a spotlight on the problem that the size of the event generated. alcohol will be restrict frtd streets and the party will mcn$. rules john says he's willing to live by. >> there are so many different stake holders in this. there are vendors people count on paying their rent to stay alive. >> you'll hear from one city council member about plans for first friday. >> a student set up a sting to catch the person who had been stealing from backpacks says she's shocked by who was caught on camera. this happened east of stockton. a sophomore hid inside of a locker using a cell phone to record video. this after a rash of thefts fro
with the story for us. heather? >> he was in san francisco teaching courses for his employer. the portland based appraisal institute that says he was a highly respected real estate appraiser who spent much of the career and life in southern california and just moved to oregon within the year. the coast guard says he died saturday evening after a boat he was in collided with a ferry. the coast guard is investigating. golden gateh)2] ferry cannot comment while the investigation is open. it happened just after 4:00 on saturday afternoon, near tiburon. the victims were flown to the hospital. the ms san francisco taken out of service and inspected and put back in service sunday morning. golden gate ferry says the crew of five was all given routine drug and alcohol tests. the crew is back at work while the ferry captain is still out on routine administrative leave. experienced boaters say though Ñ often, phone shall is there. >> there are a lot of boats out. and these ferries, ferry ships move faster than you think. when you're out there. you think you've got room and it turns out they get close to
7 news at 6:00 we'll hear more from the coach who told us trayvon would have been on the field with teammates this afternoon going through spring workouts and we'll hear the latest on the investigation. >> laura, thank you. fremont police say tips from the community helped them make an arrest in a package theft case in november, investigators posted video on you tube of this woman stealing a package in a bag of clothes off the for. of a home. it led to several tips on the woman's identity. the 32-year-old from oakland is now in custody charged with misdemeanor petty theft, felony identity theft and a felony probation violation. >> police arrested a high school student who wore a gas mask to school today. police got calls about 8:00 p.m. from people disstushed by what the 18-year-old was wearing. officers searched and found anymore class. he told police the costume was meant to be a prank. >> a man accused of trying to blow up a bank of america branch in oakland was back in court today. >> the 28-year-old from san jose was arrested on friday. mark? >> matthew reportedly told an
and internet. rethink possible. u.s. postal service announced it will end regular service on saturdays. the cash-strapped usps wanted to eliminate saturday delivery for years. post master general believes the federal government is operating on a temporary spending measure instead of a budget that has been approve bid congress. >> this is just one part of a much larger strategy to return the postal service to long term financial stability. >> people goitsing to impact are lower income who can't afford a fed-ex. >> letter carriers will deliver priority and express mail on saturdays. mail will still go to post office boxes. posts are that are open on saturdays will stay open in august. >>l9z home depot bringing 1500 jobs to the bay area and gearing up for spring.0z6.) this is video provided by home depot. the company announced it will hire 80,000 new workers nationwide. they have about 30 stores around the bay area. some good news today for bay area outdoor enthusists. bass pro shop as announced plans to build a new store in the store is scheduled to open in 2015 and will be the third ba
rescues but it's rare they get calls to use that expertise. in last two days they've had two of the types of rescues. yesterday, this corvette crashed down an enbankment and took 25 emergency personnel two hours using popes and pullies to rescue the driver. >> on a large scale these are infrequent but our crews that we call out are trained in this this, is what they do. why we have them in the city. >> the man was taken to the hospital for treatment for minor injuries. and mild hypothermia. now it will be up to the police department to question him and figure out how he ended up in that position. reporting in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the ship built pilt cause blamed for caution the worst oil spill is now suing the coast guard to try to get his license back claiming his civil rights were violated when he wasn't allowed to renew his license. the state board of pilot commissioners found cota at fault for crashing the snipe a tower of the bay bridge in 2007. 53,000 gallons of thick bunker fuel spilled into the bay as a result. >> relief is on the way for the congested highway 4. >> that proje
tells us she will be her family and friends. >> she'll be like calm down, it's all good. matter what. i'm going to always be here. >> in a solemn service genelle was laid to rest in a white casket. the service comes three weeks after the girl's body was found in the fairfield park. >> i've never had to experience this. >> greg is the principal of green valley middle school where she was a bright, cheerful 7th grader. >> genelle was a wonderful, hy t will be greatly, greatly missed. >> those who knew her talked about her smile. >> she's a sweet young lady. you'd never know she had a sad bone in her body. when i knew her, she always smiled and laughed. >> genelle was living with her younger brother in a foster home when she died.4d&'.rñ she . she made everybody happy. she would sing. >> friends and classmates of genelle. >> it was a young ob÷, just another proof these kids can't go nowhere and feel protected and do anything we used to do in our day without having to look over the shoulder. >> and about two dozen were her friends and counselors will be available to them as long as they n
team is sending updates and you can follow us on abc 7 news bay area. >> police say they have few leads in a shooting in vallejo ai. 22-year-old man, four others, injured. police say this happened in a home on humbolt street. >> they just moved here and there has been a lot of ruckus going on. >> there was a fight out here, friday. we heard shots that saturday night. so it's just been progressing. so... just a matter of time brit happened i guess. >> at this point police aren't sure what led to the shooting and they dmot have anyone in custody now. >> happening now on the peninsula, san francisco is still working on shutting off a water pipe that burst saturday and sent thousands of gallons of water into san mateo creek. >> drinking water is safe for humans but killed a number of fish. >> the creek runs about five miles from here. the crystal springs reservoir out in san francisco bai. a half mile downstream from the reservoir a welded water pipe broke sending water safe for humans but not for fish into this tiny slice of habitat that until now has survived against the odds in heavily p
open the funnel. the terminal will be used by teams competing in the america's cup. cruise ships will arrive in the spring. >> still ahead at 4:00 captain kirk of the original star trek is part of an out of this world mission. >> bay area students want to bring a new kind of ice skate together olympic autos world talking about michelle obama's purr price cameo. wait until you can see how they're looking at it in another count try and michael finney taking your questions facebook will answer them here live just a little later. >> monday afternoon, checking out this live commute situation. skye r.skyway, bumper to bumper. east bay is a little better for folks heading southbound. stay with us. stay with us. more well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month fo
. a state board is set to vote on adding another three and a half cent per gallon tax. >> we're using less now than expected. abc 7 news spoke with drivers feeling squeezed at the pump it's expensive to travel. >> soon, it could cost more. the california state board of equalization, responsible for setting gas rates is expected to approve an increase to the gas tax. effective july 1, drivers will pay an increase of three and a half cents. >> it's hard. you know? i mean it takes money away from our whatever else we have, other bills. >> most cars were 29 to the gallon. >> previous tax collections fell short. similar amount continues to be purchased 3.5 cents per gallon will equal a tax increase of $511 million in a 12-month period. >> about 10 years ago, gas is under $1 around $1 a gallon. now, it's, you know, over 4s tdz a gallon. >> the taxpayer association calls for both taxes regressive, stating high unemployment and fragile economy. if the board approves it will make california the most expensive place to buy gas in the nation. >> police looking for a driver that killed a woman this mo
explained her reasons for using a recording. >> there is live television show and one of my proudest moments. due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, i did not feel comfortable taking a risk it was about the president and the inauguration. i will be singing live. i will i'm well rehearsed and i will be singing live. this is what i was born to do. >> abc 7 news morning reporter tweeted this video as it was happening. and you can fog her at katie. i wanted to go see beyonce. >> back with more from new orleans. >> beyonce cano5j( sing there is no doubt about that. thanks a lot. coverage can you remember in this newscast. the bay area man just learned he won niners tickets and is going to new orleans. then arkt 4:50 we'll take you back to the big easy. then wayne freedman takes us on a river road ride. >> turn to abc 7 news after the super bowl. we'll be live on the air with up to the minute looks at how the niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy. >> closing in authorities are merchandise calling efforts operation red zone. in just a week, $330,000 worth of
and a half days will be used to hook up the old span to the bay bridge. rest will be for the celebration. the commission is expected to approve the party this month. >> pg&e asking everyone to be careful celebrating this valentine's day. the utility has nothing against hearts and flowers but the mylar balloons are a danger if floating into power lines saying they caused nearly 290 outages last year alone. the contact can be dangerous to people below as well. pg&e recommends keeping them weighted and indoors and warns never try to recover one floating into power lines. >> we want to take you back down to san bernardino county. officials are holding a news conference about the end yesterday, presumably of christopher dorner the ex-cop turn add accused cop killer. >> federal bureau of investigations assistant chief. and if you have questions regarding individual or specific questions about their individual investigations, please, hold those until the question and answer period and with that, i introduce sheriff mcman. >> good afternoon. events that occurred yesterday in the big bear area br
're waiting for the district attorney to give us an update on arrests made in the murder of a >>> developing news in fairfield now. the district attorney is giving us an update in the arrest in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> deputy district attorney assigned this homicide and investigator aaron dylan. will make no further comment until arraignment on this casetí this coming wednesday. thank you. >> when is the arraignment? >> wednesday. >> trying to turn that around for you just as soon as possible. police do say the man in custody is someone who they had under surveillance up until his arrest today. his name is anthony lamar jones a 32-year-old baurer from from fairfield. >> all that happened there was about a minute long statement. and the prosecutor introduced those involved in the case and apologized to victim families so. a lot of details are still forth coming. we'll keep you postedthon. >> you might remember the young woman who fuse used profanity then flipped off a judge this week. >> the ant yeks -- antics of the 18-year-old went viral resulting in the judge doubling her bail
're hoping to come back next year in full force. >> thank you for a beautiful year, thank you for taking us to the super bowl. and fans appreciate it. thank you very much. love you guys. >> i'm sure they love you, too. >> so, fans here still waiting to see some of their players leave, again, but you know, there was a lot of disappointment but they're already, the fans are thinking you know one year in advance they're going to the super bowl again they say. and the 49ers this time, they say are going to win. i'm live from headquarters near santa clara, abc 7 news. >> everybody said the team is strong and will be for years still to come. >> ravens coach john harb the augh are feeling his brother's pain. today the elder harbaugh spoke about how difficult the enld of game handshake was for him. >> toughest moment was walking across the field. if you can imagine, you feel an amount of he'llation with an incredible amount of devastation z those two feelings went hand in hand that the moment. i'm still feeling it. >> john says he's proud of his brother and called him the best coach in the league.
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